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I don’t know why but giving up in life seems to be an easy option for me now. But I really don’t want to give up. Want to try to get better. Can’t see my parents crying on loosing their son. But I really feel like am lost. I’m not sure if I have got the correct diagnosis of major depressive disorder along with anxiety disorder in the past 17 years of my struggle with mental health issues. I do feel there is something that is missing to be diagnosed or if it’s misdiagnosis. I read and did research about bipolar and I don’t know why but I think my case falls in that. How do I look ahead from here. Kindly advise.

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Hi… Dost… We are in an era where every youth and millennials felt taking our own life is easier than living in this shitty world. But dear friend, don’t break our heart again. Tell us why are you giving up? What’s happening? You are not alone. We can deal this together.


I understand mental stress is tough to handle… But believe me our mind is so strong, it can handle anything… U r a strong person…
I will suggest u to read this book on bipolar disorder ‘Life is what u make it- Preeti Shenoy’
And now when u know that ur symptoms match with bipolar…
Then, my friend, search for solution…
How to overcome bipolar, watch inspirational video…
Reads more positive things to come out of this darkness inside u…
Write ur feelings on paper, scribble or draw something…
I might not look good visually but it’s relaxing…

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

please please pleaseeee don’t do something you will regret. i know these are just words on a screen but sucde will never be an ‘ easy ‘ or ‘ harmless ‘ way out. sorry if this is useless i’m not a trained counsellor or anything but if i can give you advice is to make a friend(s) . sorry if this seems impossible or it’s useless to you but making a friend is always a building block in life because that’s someone you can rely on, maybe i’m even someone who understands you. a friend can give you the support, reassurance you always needed. they can take the thought off your mind, make you feel better. don’t hide your feelings to them because if there’s 1 thing friends are for everyone. everyone needs a friend. as i said sorry if this ‘ advice ‘ is useless i am just trying to help xx


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