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I don’t know who needs to hear this today. But take a bath, dress up and go outside. Even if its like to the closest supermarket. Depression makes you not want to take care of yourself. Don’t let it win.

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you know, i replayed this in my head and recalled the numerous times my mother has been making me do this since childhood. even on the days i had fever and felt ill, she would say, beta just make a little effort, get up, take a bath, comb your hair. i know it’s tough, you’re not feeling well but trust me this will help you FEEL less ill. and it invariably worked. i’m just so amazed by the simplicity and efficiency of this, and I’m so grateful that my mother had the foresight to make me do this. it can take so much energy and there can be so much reluctance to just get out of the bed when we’re ill, physically or mentally and something as mundane as this can just be so monumental


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