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I don’t know who I am . I don’t know what I want from my life . I was just reading a book and it said people who are aimless and do not know the purpose of their existence are prone to ailments and their heart becomes bitter. They lose their identity. They become more insecure and they are always battling with things . And wow this describes me to the level best . Last two years have been nothing short of terrible . I still don’t have any control over my life . I still have no plan .
People generally recommend me to meditate. Guess what? That’s not working!!!
I don’t know anything. I feel so vulnerable and guilty. And again “stop feeling bad for yourself” is not going to help !!!
What do you do when you have no clarity ? How do you stop feeling so worthless?

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Brandon Winter @frostygotb...

I’ve found that picking a goal you want to achieve and going after it for a while is usually enough to combat that aimless drifting, tbh.
I was part of an MMA gym for 6 months as part of dealing with that, and I very recently decided to do a bodybuilding show this year as I started to feel it again. A friend of mine is working on a book rn, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s for the same reason

It doesn’t have to be something you’ll dedicate your life to, just something kinda neat that you can see yourself working towards for the next few months. Stepping into a gym, learning an instrument well enough to play a certain song, writing, whatever speaks to you.

I think that as you do things in general you learn about yourself and unlock things you didn’t know were there. If you could figure it out just by thinking things through it wouldn’t be one of life’s defining questions, you know?

Best way to combat aimless drifting is to pick a direction and start paddling! You can always change where you’re going down the line


Thankyou ! Thankyou so much for this . Took a screenshot of it and now it’s in my folder . Really grateful ♥️♥️


Same. Nothing motivates me. Don’t know what to do.
Lately on weekend I just go and have a drink alone bas asehi.


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