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I don’t know whether I’m depressed or not … Here I just want to share my feelings…

I’m 21 years old and still now I don’t have any best friend or good friend with whom I can share my thoughts ,feelings …I don’t know whether I am boring or disinteresting …but most of my friends don’t like me …I am topper of my class … most of my friends are jealous of me …they never ask me to go out with them …they are always lying to me . …they are always smiling whenever something bad happens to me …they enjoy to see me crying …it seems like my failure give them mental pleasure…but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like people …I like to share my thoughts …but it seems that they are not interested at all… Whenever I call them,at first they receive my call but don’t response in a proper way …I feel that they ignore me … I have ego so I don’t call them back now …during this 75 days lockdown ,they don’t even message me for once …they don’t even ask me about my mental and physical condition …they only call me when they need me …when they need to solve problems ,at the time of submitting their assignments…most of the time ,they break my trust …so I only share my feelings with my mom…but sometimes it seems so difficult to share all these kind of things …I don’t have any friends…I can’t trust anyone because it seems that world is full of selfish people …so I am only comfortable with my parents …

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I have been through this and the best thing Is to start hanging out with people who you share interests and who are like you. Meaning if you are into geek, you have a good chance at making a ride or die geek friend. This group of friends are not like you but the whole world has many other different kinds of people who would enjoy your company. My great-grandma always said the world is wide so do not limit yourself to just where you are. A few people should not direct your judgment on billions. One day soon you will understand this, and this I can promise because i know, it will 100 percent happen eventually. You are young and have so many years ahead of you to meet better people, and you will.


I wish I will meet people like me…Friendship is one of the most valuable bond … If you have good ,well-wisher friends ,you will definitely gain success … because your friends should be there for encouraging you ,not to drag you down every time…


I crossed that path
Trust me it’s hard may be we can be friends


Maybe …

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In simple words, this is success.
Quite obvious since u r a topper.
Remember, the higher u go, the mad u r and equally lonely.
Look for friends from entirely different surroundings.
Do not expect any good from all who know u who u r.

Keep them at distance while u work on your goals, let it not hamper your career.
Good luck.


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