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I don’t know where she is now but this message is actually for her eyes only and i don’t want her to tell this to anybody and if that happens i will be very disappointed ☹️ this is not easy for me to reach out on her but i think this will be the very best thing for me to do to finally find my peace. Been keeping this for long time already and i have this thought with me that she had the clue already na there’s something about how i treated her and that reflects my feelings towards her. To the point that i get randomly hurt when somebody or even she is talking about someone that she’s clicking with. Especially now that i knew about her and someone who’s close to me is actually getting together. Yes that breaks me sooo much. I wanted her to know that i am very Sorry for feeling this way again. sorry if i fell again. And am really sorry if i misunderstood her kindness towards me. I am so pity of myself right now because of how everything fall due to what i started. And yess i am right that this consequences will really come to life from holding this mf feelings back. Thanks for making me happy in some wayssss… I really appreciate you! The problem here is me and not you… and now it’s the perfect time for me to move forward. 🥲

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Can you explain it in simple as to what happen ? We don’t have any idea of context or anything


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