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I don’t know where my life is going, I’m 22 years and till now I have never been in a situation like this. Recently my ex girlfriend broke up with me and she is behaving like a very normal friend now. And seeing her behaving normal is really hurting me. I cant figure out that whether she is really normal or she is pretending so that I dont know. At the same time, my job is in a real danger now. I’m really so stuck up with a another family problem too. As I am a person with low self esteem, it has become a very big problem to cope up with all these problems

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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

hey! she will definitely be hurting, she might just be really good at not showing her emotions, but because you’re her ex she’s not going to want to tell you exactly how she feels. i’m sorry you’ve had to go through a breakup during this. i also have low self esteem and find it hard talking about my problems. just know that you’re not alone in this and when this is all over you can find some normality and hopefully get yourself out there romantically :)


Thanks for the kind words mate 😇


Hi. It sounds like you need to focus on yourself - find something that you enjoy doing and see if you can make a go of it.

Ex - This is tricky because none of us know her. Is she a person to keep things to herself or is she normally an open book? If she’s normally an open book, then I’d say just talk to her about how you’re feeling and that you noticed that she’s acting like you two never dated and if she’s truly feeling like not being with you hasn’t made her sad.

Job - Due to COVID 19, I think that a lot of jobs are at risk. If you actually enjoy the field that you’re in and its possible to find another company that is still hiring in that field, then go for it.

Self Esteem - We’re all insecure about ourselves for any number of reasons. I for one, am not beautiful as the media would see me - but I’m a decent and thoughtful person. I have a good sense of humour and I see that things that I do to try and help people are actually helping them and that makes me feel good about myself because I’m seeing it through their eyes and I think that sort of thing is a good way to help you believe and care about yourself - you won’t find it elsewhere other than within yourself.

Family Drama - If it doesn’t truly concern you, just be there for the ones that it is effecting.

Good luck.

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Daytripper @daytripper

GF acting like a normal friend is one of the worst experience ever. In my experience, GF just shuts down every way to reconnect with her and look at you with pity. What is wrong in your job? Are they firing people? As a person of low esteem myself, I believe the only way to get a hold on is to talk out everything with someone you know, not family, not gf. Someone who do not have a reason to hurt you. See if you have someone like that. If not, I am all ears. You can tell me in details.


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