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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

I don’t know when I’m going to start feeling better. I was not this person, you know. I used to believe that things would be all well in the end. That’s why we like to live in our imaginations. Because there we can be whatever we want to, mould things but the truth is reality sucks and maybe it’s not reality that’s sucking the life out of me. I am.

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Mohandeep @weirdperson

You know what… always there are some things jo hmare haath nahi hoti.
Like what we want and what we deserve mei difference hota…hum chahenge ki hume vo mil jaye…kaash…but kya vo hum deserve karte hai…maybe hum usse bdiia karte ho…or maybe kmmm…hona vahi hai jo hoke rehna…

Mohandeep @weirdperson

Hum hmesha vahi sunna chahta hai jo hum expect krenge…but sch nahi sunega kbhi…sayd aaj Bhi mai sch nahi sunna chahta ki breakup hogya…umeed hoti hai roz…sayd ek din aayegi…sab theek ho jayega.


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