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I don’t know what’s the feeling now currently I had… I cried in my bedroom and bathroom after I got scolded or falsely accused… How can I stop being for emotional and become more brave? I don’t have any friends to share with because…they aren’t interested to listen to your problems… I’m very sick and tired from smiling and laughing when people stepped over me or play a fool with me by saying my body weight or my looks… the more they say the more insecure I get… even though I don’t have anxiety… but I’m preventing myself to make myself have anxiety… it’s unhealthy… I just need someone to guide me through this…thx

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

Hi! I can fully relate to you. I have anxiety(mainly social), too. There are unsupportive people out there who never listen to our problems and give us unacceptable advice. Take my younger sister, for instance. I told about my being atheist and feeling attracted to a girl. I asked for advice and if I should tell my parents. She said that I should never, which I believe to be bad advice. I’m also insecure about my weight and gender (relatively often occurrences). It’s hard to ignore the people who make unnecessary comments (bullies), but you shouldn’t keep them to yourself. Tell a trusted adult, friend, teacher, parent, ect. If you have the courage to stand up to people then do it. Here’s a website that may help to get you to become braver:
Hope that helps!

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

Here’s another thing to help you. Grab a piece of paper and a writing utensil(like a pencil). Make a list of all the positive things about you. You could love to read and be knowledgeable. You can sing beautifully. You can paint uniquely. There’s a world full of unique people. Everyone is unique. People may pick on others to climb the social ladder or hide their own insecurities or social problems. If you ask someone why they pick on you, they may say, “because you’re __________.” In most cases the answer goes deeper than that. Just know that deep down people are experiencing similar problems. If you have problems expressing your feelings, then do it in your favorite hobby. I love to draw, for instance. I love to draw girls (and only girls. Don’t know why). You could garden, cook, paint, ect. Find a way to express or embrace yourself. It’s all up to you! 😊


Thanks it helps me a lot!😄

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

You are welcome, friend!


let me start by telling you being emotional is NOT equal to being weak! i am am pretty much same that you have described yourself as i cry a lot, sometime i too criticize my body, there are days when i feel insecure as well. here’s how i deal with it-
1. i accepted its OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY, sometimes you need to let go of your rage, disgust, fear and other emotions by crying it out.
2. secondly never say or feel you don’t have friends. maybe they are not very keen on listening to your problems, maybe they are fighting their own demons or simply don’t want to give vague opinions for your issues this doesn’t mean they don’t care.
3. BODY POSITIVITY is hard to accept but trust me once you improve your self image in your mind you won’t care what the world thinks about it. remember self love and acceptance is the key!
4. there will always be someone prettier, smarter and more talented than we are, but instead of getting insecure about it we need to realize that each individual is different, has a different purpose and has a different approach to life. you just need to find yours <3
i hope this helps,just hang in there,
more power to you.


Thank you❤️❤️your comment mean a lot!


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