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I don’t know what to post… I am feel too low.
Everyone loves me but I don’t want to share anything to them as they will be sad or upset.

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Hello, I hope you’re feeling well .
If you think people in your surroundings will be disappointed with you then you need to tell them whatever you’re hiding. Not for them but for yourself.
If this becomes a difficult process then write down what you feel like in a piece of paper and throw it away.
You’ll not feel any better but you’ll be able to get through that day without any hassle .


Hey there, I am going through the same situation as yours. I have the fear of disappointment. That they will hate me. Eventhough I know I am right still I am afraid to tell them how I feel and how they are treating me. Having different opinions doesn’t mean you are wrong. I don’t know whether I will win the battle of fear within myself and take up the courage. If you are in the starting stage of this I am telling you just go straight away tell them what you are feeling. It is simple but not easy. I am telling you to do now because if u delay it matters are gonna get worse. So do it before it gets worser. Coz, I delayed it and now I am not able to come up from the pit into which I have fallen so deeply. I don’t want somebody else to experience the same. So do it today and right now.
It’s not just a comment to you. By typing this I am actually talking to myself.


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