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I don’t know what to feel now. I’m confused. I may seem like a player but I really don’t know who I have true feelings for. I am having good feelings for 4 guys simultaneously but whenever I think about it, idk who I exactly have feelings for. All 4 of them are so nice and caring to me and I am a lost sheep. Anyone had similar experiences?

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Nooooo you’re not a player!!! As long as you’re not leading any one of them, it’s fine. Don’t give anyone false hopes till the time you don’t figure it out. Maybe after a while you realise that you do like 1 of them or maybe you realise that it was just because of the quarantine that you developed certain feelings for them…it’s possible. So I’d just say that don’t feel guilty BUT at the same time, don’t lead anyone on! In the mean time, give yourself time to figure out your true feelings, it’s a process!


heyyy, that’s not wrong!! have you heard of polyamorous relationships? maybe, that’s something you want to check it. doesn’t make you a player at all, you’re not deceiving anybody, you truly have good feelings for 4 guys simultaneously, you’re not cheating on anyone or anything. either think about polyamory or perhaps if you still want to stick to one of them, you could think about who would it hurt to lose the most, and decide on that guy perhaps?


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