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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

I don’t know what to feel anymore. I feel like I’m just waking up for nothing. I feel so tired waking up in the morning. I feel like I’m not the same person I used too know. I trying to open up with my parents but they’re not listening. I’m really exhausted crying for no apparent reason and losing appetite. I just really want to end this.

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Then find something of your interest and start doing it


Hi, from one person who needs to just vent or needs calm reassurance to another…I need you to know that your life really matters. Your family may mean a lot to you, and you mean a lot to them. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but that’s the truth. I myself, I’m exhausted from having anxiety to a point I could be hospitalized and it happens for no reason. 9 years and ongoing, that’s how it’s going for me. My advice? Sit up straight, take a deep breath and maybe a sip of water, and repeat until you feel better.


Im going through this from past one year… Even now sometimes i get anxious at midnight n i couldn’t breathe properly but what i can suggest you is that you surround yourself with many friends, go out roam with your friends… You will be fine


Hi love,
Everything that you just explained is a clear indication from your body that it has reached its limits and is unable to cope. Your body is trying to tell you that you need help. Have you considered talking to a mental health professional about this? As scary as it sounds, there are many helplines and organisations you can get in touch with that can guide you through this. You can also reach out to Emotional Well-Being Helpline on +919067334001. They can guide you through this.


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