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I don’t know what to do.We broke up yesterday.I really love him and i don’t want to loose him.But it’s already our 100th breakup we both are toxic and both of is know we aren’t good for each other .But still i don’t want to let ho of him.I just can’t even imagine him being with other girls it anger me

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School.Boy.Q @icecube

ha chorrr de ushe


I want to but I just can’t it’s very hard😔

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School.Boy.Q @icecube

toh ek barien mai dono beth ke baat krlo yahi tarika h band krne ka ab ye sub

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Ayushi @rayushi

You know what your situation was. You understand that you people are not meant to be . So why to be in a meaningless relationship. It’s better to just let go of him . Take some time , work on yourself . There must be better men for you . Just have patience and enjoy life

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Unknown @ignored_guy

Girl you have to move on i know it’s hard but just do it… delete everything from your mobile…start spending time with friends and family…go out with cousins start watching web series or play games. IT is the only way to get out of it.

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Roy @roy340

If it’s really toxic relationship then you have to Move on for sake of your Good Mental Health…Your upcoming day’s can get more worse after this breakup situation for now, but it will help to get become more wiser rather than being in toxic and wrong relationship 👍

manivannan @manivaithi

Don’t worry it will be k

mukesh kumar @rahul123love

Your and same problem meri gf ne b kisi or k liye mujhe chod diya


Your problem is not with him, it’s with yourself. You have uncertainty, jealousy and bitter optimism plaguing you.


What should i do then😔


You cant do anything. Time will. You just focus on finding new things to do.

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Alif @alif_23

Sleep over it. Let your subconscious sort it for u since your conscious mind is too confused.

Jigar Saxena @jigar_1102

aila jadoo😂

Jigar Saxena @jigar_1102

dekho brk krna h toh kro nhi krna h toh mat kro
decision lene k liye acche se soch lo aakhir krna kya hai
agr saath rehna hai toh kya hua kya tha prblm from start woh baith k baat krlo
and dekho didi future k baare mein soch rhe ho toh brk up is better option and uske saath rehna hai toh shuruat se ka sab sort out krlo dono baith ke


You are just way too much attached to him now and there’s no love left… You’ll feel lonely after you you leave him that’s why you want him back… Get over him you both are not made for each other… The only thing which kept you together till now was attachment and nothing else

Kanh @ajnabidost

Listen this song …pyar ka Dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara 💤

praneeth @kuchala



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