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I don’t know what to do, my University thought it would be good to take exams in offline mode. Why, because Covid-19 has gone and other universities also taking the offline exams so we should also. And most amazing thing is that they circulate the Notice One Month before the Examination, for god sake they don’t know that we are Engineer students we cant prepare in a month all subjects and Units. And that’s not the end they change our syllabus and that subject is killing us, why because there were never been a subject like that there are no notes for it no Books for it and where the hell am supposed to study now, don’t tell college must provide you some note. The answer is no there were no classes only one class was provided by the college for a month only and it was online classes and you know all how online classes go. Well, I’m fucked up I don’t know how am gonna study and how am gonna prepare myself to write in the examination without any practice it’s Engineering, not a joke, why does my university don’t think about students. They just do their work and earn money and students are gonna fail.

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Dude I am an engineer too and I used to start studying 10 days before exams and during those days along with studies we had to write assignments, work on projects, mannuals and what not. Chill you still have one fuckin month. Now make the best of each second


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