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I don’t know what to do. My mom smokes cigarettes everyday, a lot more recently, she’s had past gambling addictions, she says she doesn’t do it anymore, that’s what she said the other 5 times. She’s in her 50’s, if she gets coronavirus… And my dad is also in his 50’s, he smokes but not as much as her, but he drink a cup or two of alcohol every night. And they’re both overweight.

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thanks for sharing it here
i can understand that it might get difficult for you to be in such a situation and i would like you to know that you can never control the actions of others, you can tell them what’s good and what’s not, you can educate them but you can’t really make them do what you want.
this doesn’t mean that what your parents are doing is correct. maybe you can educate them about these things more and talk to them about how you feel when you see them doing such things and also know that you should not stop you from achieving you desired goal. be calm and know that effective communication is the key to most of such problems.
all the very best and take care <3😃😃


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