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I don’t know what to do! My friends give me all their work to solve and if I say “no” they say they won’t be my friend anymore! What shall I do! I know they don’t like me because I’m not cool and I read books, I don’t have a phone either. They act nice in front of me but they don’t really like me as they are always finding a way to get me in trouble or make me sad. I don’t wanna be their friends anymore but they are the only ones I have. My parents think that we are not friends anymore after a very big fight last year. Can someone please write a way on how I can dispose of them?

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Honestly I say leave them! They are toxic and they aren’t good for you. These girls are ruining you would you rather be happy with new friends or not? I mean like you have to choose the decision of your happiness or friends. I wouldn’t consider them friends if they are behind the aggressive dominant,


Leave them! You shouldn’t think that they are the only ones you have. They are plenty of people in this world who can treat you better. It’s better to have no friends than having ones that affect your life negatively. That’s not how a friendship works. It will only be now or later for the friendship to be over because the nature of it and your friends’ personalities contributing to it. You shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. Maybe people will make fun of you of it but are they the ones living your life? Are they the ones feeling youe feelings? No! They never know that you’re doing this because you don’t want toxic people in your life. You are the only who you should care about because you are you. You’re not living others’ life. If you feel frustrated that you’re alone though, then you can search for friends. The good ones. It will take time to search for the good ones but it’s worth it! So, be patient and be kind to everyone. And most importantly, yourself.


1) those aren’t people you have they have you.
2) it’s okay if you have one friend that is who you’ll ever need

if you want to find more friends join online social groups or local groups of your interest it is natural you will instantly snap like magnet

you aren’t alone so chill.
we’re in this together


you can always talk to me…

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Having a friend is someone that wants to help you and be with you during your hardest times. I understand that you might be scared to make new friends because of how vast this world is but you have to leave them. You can block them or avoid them. If you want to be used and thrown away because your so called " friends" tell you that they don’t want to be your friend anymore, you’re not making the most out of your life. Who cares if you don’t have a phone, everyone is always addicted to their phone anyways. You can always talk to me if you’re still thinking about things.

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