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ROHIT @rhtsnghbisht

I don’t know what to do in my life
Totally clueless and depressed
By profession I am a CA, but I left my high paying job and started my own venture.
Venture is going good.
But recently have suffered from breakup.
And then family doesnot trust me on my caliber to become successful of this startup.
Even though my father has good amount of savings and a house. But we live like poor people. He often says that at some point of time this all savings will also go.
Even I have money. But they don’t trust at all.
All the time, I easily get depressed if some one talk about my inability to buy something as I am cash crunch at the moment. I know my startup will grow in the years to come.
But I am really really depressed about all this stuffs. And I often think to run away all from this and end my life. It’s very painful to see me in this situation, where no one trust me. I have been successful all my life, only this phase makes me feel very pity for me.
Please help someone.

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Shraddha @shra10

Hey Hi Rohit,

First of all relax….good to see u have confidence and u believe in yourself.

Thts foremost important thing……keeep taking your steps forward….May b get moral or emotional support from friend…if no one arnd feel free to connect with me…

Focus on venture …your short term and long term plan……

Cheers!! Keep smiling !! Keep loving !!!


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