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I dont know what to do i am not able to have guy friends they always end up liking me even though i am clear with my intentions. My bestf she is overprotective for me in a caring way only if she knew she would kill me. There is a senior pass out guy who i used to talk sometimes on insta and i met him in clg once. He likes me but i am not sure of my feelings at all. I need his help for academic purpose too but i dont wanna make it seem like i am using someone im not that kind of girl. It feels weird even though he is a nice guy but i am not able to maybe i think about what others will think about this idk man what to do anymore its sooo confusing. Can someone tell me what to do

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I’m sorry, but I feel you’re just overthinking way too much.
Maybe you just need to relax a bit , and enjoy your life…do what feels you the best, and don’t what doesn’t feel right.


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anuj @anujvohra

It’s normal to have conversations.keep your intentions clear and be genuine and honest. Rest will work.


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