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Patience @patience

I don’t know what to do and I try not to but whenever I look into the mirror I feel ugly, incomplete, and fat I want to feel pretty, complete, and skinny but I just cant all my friends say “Omg your so pretty I love your hair and eyes” and they also say “Your so skinny I wish I was you you’re like I toothpick” but they’re wrong they shouldn’t want to be me THEY CAN’T BE ME. I just need help, please.

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2 replies

your beautiful girl keep your head up dont listen yo anyone if you want to feel confident in yourself do everything possible that might help you even if its a risk whats important is your confidence and comfort
queen love yourself

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Akash Dalal @skybroker

I understand how you feel. at one point of time i was also wishing the same but then i started to appreciate myself of what I am an how i feel about myself. my thoughts are you would appreciate your self as you and the things that comforts you. You are the queen of your life no one rules over you. keep yourself over people who you don’t think like the way you want it. And lastly take care. jam over your fav. music and keep your priorities at top. i.e YOU


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