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Kanh @ajnabidost

I don’t know what kind of app is This… can you tell me about this app ? Where it origin?

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Tarun Bhardwaj @tarunbh009

you can share your feelings here by hiding your identity.


Lonely girl with precious ambitious

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Puja Sen @pujasen23

And people give some advice about your thoughts

Sourav @stevesen

And just to clarify this not a dating app though you will find many trying to make it into one . Think of it as a community where you can share feelings, thoughts , problems and get responses from who had similar experiences may be

Kanh @ajnabidost

I am so lonely broken 😐

Sourav @stevesen

We are here Buddy talk to us what happened?

Kanh @ajnabidost

That was sarcasm

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