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I don’t know what it is, a feeling of no one even though everyone is there. Sadness comes from time to time, but the cause of that sadness is not known. Sometimes the memories kill me without killing me. Somehow I feel like I’m just round zero.
Why am I like this?
A man who only exists to trouble everyone.
Many people will come into our lives and they will soon pass away.
Many times I don’t associate with anyone because I think that if I get along with someone, they will leave me too. Those who were with me gradually started to avoid me. It makes me very sad.
I pick a fight with them because I can’t leave them.
I only want them to talk to me for a while and nothing else.
But people don’t change and forget, everyone is selfish.
If they don’t want me, I don’t either.
I won’t bother them anymore because I love them so much, our love shouldn’t be a bother to them 😊

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Happens sometimes, happens with me too,
There’s a sudden wave of sadness & loneliness within ourselves, but make sure to be positive!!
Get a good sleep, count your blessings!!

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