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I don’t know what is going in my life right now. Some of the people I know are already going abroad to upgrade their professional career. I’m happy for them but I quite feel jealous because I’m here just starting my application to go abroad. I’m so desperate, I know this is not the right time but why I feel some jealousy :(

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Hope @cureplace

it’s matter of just few month. I will also be applying for my mba next year to US.

everyone has their own journey, let’s wish then best and also work for your success.

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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

My dear brother jealousy is one of the most natural and basic Instinct of human.
Being jealous is not something which is bad why don’t you take it positively it is actually making you push yourself for something better

Unknown Dios @dios46

Not gonna lie, been there done that :(
I know how you feel bud, I felt the same when all my friends we’re taking off and i was still stuck at admission phase.
Don’t you worry mate, it will pass, and you will have many more opportunities.
( if you’re going after 12th for some diploma or something like that, please reconsider.)

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