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I don’t know what I am feeling right now it’s jst i am exhausted ryt now!!! I don’t have a single frnd to talk and i think I hv alot in my mind but i don’t knw what is in my mine I feel like crying and i want someone to talk I want that one special person who understand me and make me feel comfort and i had so many frnds but now I have no one to talk like not a single person and this is making me frustrated and anxious I wanna be happy I talked abt it with my family but i don’t think so that they’ll understand my situation and it’s making me more miserable I want to cry but i can’t I don’t knw y i am sad anxious or depressed it’s jst that i want a frnd … I don’t know anything πŸ˜‘

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Hey!! I completely understand your situation, Been going through the same for a lot of time, You could feel free to share your emotions with me as I don’t want anyone else to have that miserable feeling, Please do let me know if you’re interested




I don’t know what should I share… Bcz I hv ntg to share


Hi I feel what u say if u wanna talk about it I’m here to listen it.


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