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I don’t know its like this guy and me used to date 3 years back it was all going great but we broke up, and that’s fine our breakup didn’t break us apart we remained best friends till now and i still love him actually i love him way much more than before. There’s no commitment between us but still i sometimes feel insecure whenever he meets someone new even just as friends. It kills me inside i get anxious and i fear of losing him. I just want him to be with me and i think that that’s selfish but that’s how feel and maybe me being insecure about it backfires all the time and it pushes him away from me. I don’t know what to do I try to be normal but i know im not okay with it. 😭

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It’s best to sit with him let him know how you feel. You are feel insecured because of the uncertainty of the future of this relationship. However you would end up hurting everyone involved.
If you already know what he feels for you then my suggestion would be to actually stop all contact with him and seeing new people yourself.
Maybe he too needs time and space away from you to actually know and realise what he feels.
Its best to let past remain where it belongs- in the past itself.

Relax, breathe, give yourself a break from a relationship and then meet new people with fresh eyes. Maybe someone awesome comes along.
Be with someone who makes you feel great about yourself and is a positive contribution in your life.
Don’t let this guy ruin your chances of having a full and fun-filled life. You and heart deserve to soar with happiness.

All the best and take care.


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