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I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but just needed someone to listen to me and just tell me what to do next… my life has always been a mess … till younger age i have been a champion in life and then even schooling was cool … but in later … i regret those days cause …ufff …okay
I had a became friend with a girl very differently like it was not something people usually become friends with and it was a rollercoaster just started with a bang … and then slowly our friendship beacame a bond of best friends… it was all going great then suddenly a time came and within a period of 2 weeks everything collapsed like hell…
I broke her trust , she cried like she would end her life never wanted to see my face , i didn’t care i was a chill brat , and suddenly after some time came to senses and realised what the fuck was that all about… as if someone did a spell on me …
I don’t know after that day … its been 2 years still and i daily see my self in mirror and i regret why those days came… i feel so guilty … now she don’t even what to see my face anymore … she sits just opp to me in office and i realise why me?

When i was with her i felt so confident and i was at peak of my success literally i was focused , i was slim, i was better person … being her my ony female friend and then as if god didn’t wanted all this … its its all fucking destroyed…
Daily i pray to god please bring her back…i don’t have any energy or will to try something new or stuff to talk to … already she has moved on and has new 100 friends but i dont know i would ever comeout of it … i just wanted to tell here that please guys if u could make her comeback …
I know in my blabbering something but she was the one who thought me to stand in a crowd and be one identity…

Sorry b … i never ever ever ever wanted that to happen , they say it’s never too late … please give me one more chance…

God pls help

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It’s okay to miss someone but it’s also okay to forgive yourself for making a mistake in the past and accepting it and not letting it affect you…ps don’t hold it against you…we all make mistakes…even I have and lost friends…but it all taught me something and made me better for future…


Thanks for the advice…
U know why i can’t move on with this thing because she was something we all need … she was a friend with whom i can even share my wildest secrets and still she wouldn’t judge me… she was my 0.5 mother ! Haha , she used to scold me like a mom for not doing well in exams…

I wanna ask u this thing , will i get someone with the same energy as she had in the future???


I also had a similar friend and we were friends for 1.5 years but then everything changed and I thought I will never be able…to make a new friend like that again…but I did. Once I accepted everything and moved on…I did make new friend. Eventually, life goes on…


Hi Rajat ,
it is okay to miss someone but you have to forgive yourself and have to move on because the way you are feeling now will make seeds of doubt in you and believe me it will not let you live the present moments you have right now …I am sure with the age your priorities will change whatever happened keep it like a lesson in your book and move on i believe you will get someone again do not repeat the mistakes you done before dont break someone’s trust and be a good gentlemen.


Thankyou @destiny123 for the kind words, i surely will try to move on… its just her kindness she had towards me makes me feel awful about me… i have promised to god … never to break anyone’s trust… whom may it be…
Ps. Thanks for lifting my mood… 😊


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