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I dont know if its my insecurity or my mood swings . I feel uncomfortable around being with people as I think they would judge me and be least important in their life .I am insecure about my looks as I have acne prone face and lots of blemishes .I try to feel normal but when i encounter any person or people I loose my confidence and doesnt try to make eye contacts. People often ask me how i got so many pimples and scars ,which makes me uncomfortable ,cant people be bothered to not bother me for my face . I have not made it happen its just my genetics .and its just said that looks dont matter but i feel looks matter the most in this world .if i look less attractive it makes me less capable.
I have seen many who judge me for my looks . they say my lips are thick ,nose is too broad and i have a face that is too long . i have also started thinking like that about myself and you know when I see any girl with clear face I just have looks like them .not even comfortable in my body.

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Saurabh Kumar @aesthete131...


Comparison never gives a great outcome, then about introspection only

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See, the thing is some things aren’t in your control, and if you still keep on thinking of them, then you’ll get hurt.
So just try to focus on the things that are in your control. It’s okay being a girl you’ll have insecurities related to looks, and it’s normal, it’ll be hard to answer the dumb questions people ask. It’s okay, it’s not like these things will not change, they’ll change.
As you feel insecure about something, try taking care of yourself. Don’t let your insecurities bother you. Things will get better eventually, don’t lose yourself in a void just because you are feeling insecure about your pimples and acnes, they are not permanent, they’ll fade off. Try taking care of yourself, that’ll help too.

Kuldeep Pathak @kuldeep21


Hey hey hey
You are beautiful
No one in this world is perfect and no one in this world is ugly
Just dont feel underconfident,i have been there and i’m not so good looking guy
but later realised i have qualities which makes me special and unique.
The best you look the day you act confident and natural,the way who you are
Your personality speak for yourself and its not all about looks.You can work on your body and its not a big deal take example of christiano ronaldo,jhulan goswami,mirabai chanu,mary kom their personality and talent speaks for them and in the end what makes us special is our heart and our qualities.

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Don’t think low yourself and try to yourself inner feeling. Don’t think and about they are always ready to other sad people make them deep hurt them by word ok πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


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