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Durgadutt S.B @the_healer

I don’t know if I’m weak bcz I depend on others or I’m too pleasing like always waiting and wanting everyone to love me as I do them… why I’m getting this from everyone…

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anuj @anujvohra

I am sure you will find a way out. Validation sometimes is good but try to be clear in your head should work.

Durgadutt S.B @the_healer

Yess I’m trying but got no one like no one


Same struggle and now if someone deserve only river i will be ocean and what i receive just drop of water like i m being low maintenance and thier actions affecting me like i can’t even sleep but than i realized only one thing you can do is just let go nd hope for that one day someone will give whole ocean when we just ask for drop of water

Durgadutt S.B @the_healer

It’s really painful and I understand the pain 🥺


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