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I don’t know if anyone will read this. I am so tired. Of feeling incompetent, of not being good enough, of chipping off pieces of myself in order to fit into the mould of others. My rational side tells me I have nothing to feel so, I am smart, graduated from a premium educational institution, currently pursuing a course of my interest but I just can’t shake off the feeling that I am not good enough. No amount of thought disputation seems to be working. Everytime I log into a lecture, I get anxious. I cannot even bring myself to respond to a question asked by the professor even though I know the answer very well. Is this what life will always be like even when I’ve been partaking in therapy for years now? Is this who I am? Sometimes it feels like there’s no purpose to anything. Sigh.

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All you need is self confidence friend…

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Aryan @bluciiferr

Just go and talk to peoples face to face random strangers your friends just try to open yourself it might help you . Do whats exictes


Take a break from all the things you are doing for others. Just sit & think what you are doing will that be helpful for ur future or its a waste coz u wont be doing anything realated to this . Then talk to ur parents & speak out ur feelings to them . & try to get their point of view . Why they are doing it . You might get clear with the things which u r unsure.

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Hey buddy relax there is nothing to worry abt relax take deep breath and have some water and tell me ever thing in detail you can tell here also or we can talk privately also okay it’s completely normal do not worry okay

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