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Hiddenmark @hiddenmark

I don’t know how to talk to my co-parent about parenting skills. We have a schedule for when each of us look after our daughter (2.5) it’s basically 50/50.My CP ignores our daughter (2.5) and leaves her on the TV pretty much all day, she doesn’t even watch or cuddle her she just looks at her phone.  If daughter does not want to watch TV then she insists that I have to look after her because she wants me, she makes no attempt to play with her and when I say that she should try playing with her she just gets offended.My CP is often upset that I have a better relationship with our daughter than she does, And she says that when I am not around daughter will cry endlessly, (when her mum isn’t there she doesn’t really care).

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Right now, you need to think of whatever is in the best interest of your daughter. Whether that means her being in your custody or dividing time between the two of you. You can probably try and talk once more and gauge whether your CP is genuinely feeling lost or if she’s trying to evade responsibility by pretending she doesn’t know any better. I know it sounds tough, but tough love is needed, you have to do what’s best for your daughter. You can’t leave her with a parent that’s barely present and couldn’t care less. I know you’re trying your best and that this is hard, but I think you already know too what you want to and need to do, and I think you will end up doing that. Just know that you’re not alone in this. And your intentions matter, so you may/may not make the right decision but there’s no possible way of knowing how your decisions will pan out. Just do what you think is right and good for your daughter. God bless, take care, big hugs

Hiddenmark @hiddenmark

Thank you. You are right I need to just talk it out no matter how hard. Unfortunately she has full custody and is not willing to change that. It keeps my options closed really.


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