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I don’t know how to start. My life is becoming worst day by day during lockdown , my brother who I love most hi is embarrass of me , hi is not talking to me . I know that hi love me more then anyone else but now I don’t thinking so , I use to talk to him a lot before and now we don’t even talk to each other . All problem start because of me , I use to tell ever singal problem to him and hi started getting irritate day by day and one day hi told me that why the hell u tell me your small problem evey day keep it up to u and when ever I get angry I started shouting to very singal member of my family and my brother don’t like my shouting hi think that I am making him embarrassed in front of society , I don’t know why hi is angry on me every day now we don’t even speek to each other , take it today incident hi is not wearing mask while going out to bring any think when I told him about the mask , hi told me that don’t event try to speak with me or i will kick your ass I know that u all not want me to live that why I am not whereing mask .I don’t know what to do .

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Hey Sweetie…Relax . calm down . May be your brother is irritated with something else and the frustration comes out on you . He does love you as you know it already and sometimes every relationship has ups and downs . As , you know our lives has changed a lot during lockdown , no more going out , just sitting inside our homes , automatically we tend to get irritated . Just give him some his own quality time . Let him be normal again . And if you want to share anything or feel like talking , you can share it with me . I will listen to each and every problem .
Don’t disturb him for some time . Let him live the way he wants to . He will be fine after some time as our lives will get to be normal step by step . So, relax and everything will be fine .
Feel free to share with me.
you can message me on instagram . My user name is
I would love to listen to your story and help you .
if you don’t use instagram , just let me know . We can look for an alternative way to get in touch and discuss .


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