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Sam @sam66

I don’t know how to say this but I have no hope… I’m no longer capable of seeing the good in life… I just want to be dead… I know it’s stupid to say or even think of these thoughts but It’s really what I feel strongly in my heart… I’m scared all the time… and I’m lazy all the time… I don’t want to do anything… and I know I can’t be helped unless I started helping myself but I just can’t!! Everything seems pointless… especially when I know how much of a failure I am… I know I should try my best… and I do! But it’s never enough… I wake up every day and put on a mask of happiness and do my best… but this is not helping… I’ll always stay unhappy under this mask… I just wanna die

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Adarsh @adarsh4

I understand u bro…try to just live in the present…n take one thing at a time…n just dont overthink too much…

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Sam @sam66

I’m just doing the opposite of overthinking I feel like I’m just not taking any time to think because it will feel too much for me… I’m just a stupid fragile sensitive immature person


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