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dark @darkandtwisted

I don’t know how to react my bf is in a marriage of his college buddy where her ex gf is there, he is sending me snaps where he and his all friends are having fun, I habe no idea how to react should I call him or just ignore. As per him there is nothing between them they are just friends

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Taranjeet @jtaran

Take it from a guy’s perspective. Sure u can call him, and let him know how you appreciate him. I believe don’t even mention the ex. You do your part right, and he will do right by you.

dark @darkandtwisted

I don’t know what to do but this is bothering me, I don’t know what I should do, she is trying to win him back like a good friend, posting multiple stories time to time,

dark @darkandtwisted

I don’t want to call him, but this is bothering me, what if he is lying, she is trying to get him I feel that,

Taranjeet @jtaran

There are two ways this could turn out. There is no way she can win him until he wants the same. But if your bond is strong and he really loves you, nothing can come in front of your relationship, no matter what the girl tries or how much time they spend together.

That’s why you can call him and talk to him, about everything except the girl. You don’t wanna give him jealous vibes. Just leave a goodnight message along with how much you miss him and love him. If he still gets back with ex, then he wasn’t the one!

dark @darkandtwisted

I don’t feel like calling him, he will understand that I am calling after seeing snaps

Taranjeet @jtaran

Leave a message before u sleep and after u wake up.

dark @darkandtwisted

What message?

Taranjeet @jtaran

Just a regular Good night message, check on him how he is doing, tell him how much he is appreciated. Sound normal

dark @darkandtwisted

Okay thank you will do,


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