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I don’t know how to feel anymore… I just got out of a 2-year relationship, and I’m numb… My brain can’t process the fact that I’m alone now. I have so many questions…
since when did you felt like that… what did your parents say… why did you stay even if you didn’t want to… how could you lie to my face and say that you loved me… Why you looked so relieved and excited when we were done with that talk… why did you immediately, as soon as you walked out my door, changed my nickname in messenger…

I know I will never get the answers I need. All I want to do is listen to sad music and disappear. I know I can’t let myself fall into that hole again, but that’s all I can think of. I’m supposed to pretend nothing happened and be friends, according to him, but I can’t. It hurts… I know this may be typical for a breakup but I just needed to let it out.
Thanks for reading…

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don’t belittle yourself. breakups hurt. especially long term relationships. i know how hurt you feel. and it sucks. it leaves you feeling sad and alone. i get it. trust me. i know that there are so many questions that you will never get the answer to. and i’m sorry. i know that one day you will get the love you deserve.


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