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I don’t know how to express my feelings… i am totally confused and unfocused state

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Cool buddy
Just try to tell your feelings
Say one one word ig will be easy then

sree @srees100

No one is there that who can understand me.


Try wd me maybe I can help

sree @srees100

There is girl who has same thoughts , interests , food tastes , mostly everything matches with my taste . After knowing that we moved a step lets call it love , we planning to take further stage that’s marriage but her but their caste is different i dont have any caste feeling either she too , but her parents do have i think so but in their family have very good opinion on me … she is from village so their neighbours watching their activities and her relatives as well . S So she is saying that to me you can’t move further if my family not accept so lets stop you here itself But she will not happy without me , i don’t want to inform their family directly about us and relationship . I think to ask their family without saying anything asking them for our marriage like arranged marriage . And i do have good job and handsome pay as well . So that i can save good opinion i can’t move further without her parents permission

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K Gourav @horizon

why do you say so? 😐


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