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Aakifah @kifah

I don’t know how to deal with someone who wants to care about me and talk to me and be there for me because no one ever has been there like am I just supposed to send you extremely long paragraphs telling you why I am so sad or like just Abit to keep the conversation going… What if I scare them away and then I will be back to being alone
I don’t know what to do

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U know if they make you feel like k u can tell them anything just do it,being with someone with whom u cant even share your problems,is not being with them,u r just showing the good side of urs,and the person who is meant to stay, will read each of your long paragraph with ease!

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Wanderer @wanderer888

It’s tricky actually. Only your gut instinct can help you find the genuineness in the connection you want to make. If you really feel for it, then take the chance to share your thoughts, it might help you ease the burden a bit on your heart. Always remember, only you can take you out of your situation… others are here to help only! You may or may not find them right for you. But there’s no harm in trying. The state you are currently in… you really need someone to listen to you, but at the same time pls be careful about your vulnerabilities also. Hope you get some peace amid this stormy times. Ameen! ♥️✨

Aakifah @kifah



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