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i dont know how this is defined and does this happens with anyone else accept. Being a younger person in the family partiality is the thing i have seen from years at my home. Or in other way members of the family has treated to badly / abandoned you always. Simple things like you eat the left over food let your elder sibling have food first. Do this work first then eat. About girls always no matter wat they do it is said that tum to kuch kam karti hi nai. This are some examples I have always seen my dad doing this with me. It feels neglected. People may think its a small thing let go ignore blah blah. But what we face has effected us a lot. Our Self image is destroyed. Tell me Your comments on this.

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Hey… See these things are usually common in Indian families…They tend to pamper boys alot compared to girls… Things are changing alot these days… So just have some patience and things will set right…


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