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user12091602 @user12091602

I don’t know how I’m feeling. or if I’m feeling anything at all. I guess I’m sad but I feel a sense of defeat, emptiness that wasn’t there before. Like something is weighing me down but I’m starting to get too tired to go any further. I wake up every day and there’s nothing to wake up for apart from the hope that one day I’ll have something.i just feel empty and alone, especially since he left. It just makes me think he must be happy with this new girl to choose her over me and it’s not his fault he doesn’t love me so I need to let go. I’m trying it’s just hard I haven’t had a day where I haven’t cried since the day he told me, I know the other girl isn’t going to last but I’m done giving him chances when he comes back because he’s never wanted me, not really.

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anuj @anujvohra

Take care. .try to move on…it will be difficult but do it.


Just leave him and move on coz life is too long and you will get more suitable person then him in life .

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Sampada F. @sampada_foteda...

Hi. I am a peer listener at nowandme. Book a session with me to vent out/talk in general 🌸


Close your eyes and see your baby self. Isn’t she the most precious baby you have seen? Don’t you want to pamper her? Do you think you’ll let anybody hurt her/make her cry? No way right?
So don’t give him that power. You deserve immense love by someone who adores you. It will hurt for a while. Cry about it. But once you are done crying, see things for what it is. You must have watched movies and must have an image of how you’d want your love life to look like. This isn’t even close to that is it. He isn’t your person. And you’re disappointed. It’s only fair. But don’t label it as a heartbreak. Say “Oh okay I expected a different outcome but looks like he isn’t the love of my life because the love of my life would choose me over anything. So I will work on myself and live my best life until I run into the man who sees me for who I am and treats me like his queen.”
I hope this helps. And remember one day you’ll be living your best life looking back at this and thanking God for all the lessons. Take care.


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