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I donโ€™t know how i m feeling but it feels like nothing is going to be better no matter how much I try whatever I m doing everything is going in vein.I m suffering from anxiety and sleep issues from past 4-5 years. I m sick n tired of this, I struggle to sleep I donโ€™t remember when last time I had slept for 7-8 hrs. Even when I get good sleep of say 6 hrs continuously for few weeks or a month I still feel like I m unable to fall asleep so this has fixed in my mind and its causing more sleep issues n anxiety. I have seen psychiatrist n therapy also but not of much help. I have ofc n 4 year old kid n house chores to take care of , I m continuously loosing weight so everyone around is like what has happened to u.everything is becoming so overwhelming I donโ€™t know what to do its suffocating,feels like my head will burst out.i try to keep myself calm but most of the time its not helping.i have lost my confidence whenever I get in touch with other people I feel like my life is not normal like theirs.I donโ€™t know what should I do so just venting out here

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