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I don’t know how i am feeling…
My relationship is good but my inner self doesn’t feel it. My partner treats me same like his other female friends and i always make scenario in my head that my partner doesn’t care about me and prefer other girls then me and i proposed so he just said yes cuz he doesn’t wants to look lonely or dumb without gf and then therefore i have breakdowns in both days md night. I always get this thought to break up with him cuz i am doubting him, his loyalty and my relationship. That he can’t keep me happy, loved or satisfied.
I don’t want to control him nd tell him to not talk to his other female friends but i feel that i do. I don’t need fancy dates or rings or gifts. All i just want is to be happy and loved but instead i get anxiety attacks.
Am i being selfish?

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There are some people who kinda like attention from opposite gender,mostly men :(. weather they are in relationship or not,
My suggestion RUN… run run

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R as in Real @loving_hear...

You aren’t being selfish i too feel the same some times … its the way people treat you so they are treating you in a particular way when you are not feeling happy or satisfied they should also understand our needs .


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