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I don’t know how but I feel so sick, and it’s just bc me and my best friend got into a big fight… I honeslty don’t know if we can get through it this time. She’s like my sister but we both said things that were too far but she thinks she’s right and she threaten to come fight me and stuff. And all I said was she lied to me and I’m tired of her lying behind my back… then she called me a jealious cunt and I honeslty don’t know if this friendship is worth saving.

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Lohitha @lohitha

it’s okay.give it a time may be a week or so.just be calm when you are talking because our energy level resonates.sometimes even best friend cannot share each and everything because we have 24 hrs and we can assume that other people can share everything .whats important for u may not be important for them.regarding fight stuff i think thats not a ideal way to talk with anyone but i don’t know the other side so i cannot tell the case. just give one chance and sit peacefully and talk and even then if you feel like this is not worth it even then ,its okay to leave people for our mental peace and i have done it consciously .have a great day with lots of smiles


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