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I don’t know how am I feeling, I feel weirdly lonely though I have family members and good friends but idk why I am feeling this….
My birthday is coming ,and I am not even excited about it,though my family has made plans about it ,my friends on the other hand are not free on that day so we’ll meet up some other day but idk why I am not feeling happy at all …

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Introspect a little, give yourself some time and find out what is eating you up

Ananya @unanimouslyours

Actually I do know my reasons behind it but I just can’t find a way to overcome them and be happy

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Bunny @bunnytarun

Been there
I no how it feels

Ananya @unanimouslyours

What should I do then

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Bunny @bunnytarun

Instead of feeling bad about the thought that we can’t spend with our friends on our special day.
Try to live in the moment with your family who already made plans with you.
You never know where you’ll be for your next bday.
And you shouldn’t regret that you don’t have any good moments with your family members.
So be in the moment, enjoy it fully.
Appreciate every lil effort from anyone who wants to make your day special.

Just enjoy the present moment Instead of overthinking and ruining your day.

And Advance Happy Birthday to you btw

Ananya @unanimouslyours

Thank you so much ☺️

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Bunny @bunnytarun



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