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mahak @meismahak

I dont know from where to start but okay let me just start with whatever i am feeling right now i have major anxiety
Right now my heart is pounding for no reason just becuati took a little nap and part of head and body is pounding too(i am sorry for the poor English) i am havin this fear which is not explainable sure i can supress this feeling by having my anxiety pill but since i am already sleep deprived and i have to go to work tomorrow so i dont want to take pill untill really needed
I am somehow trying to distract myself
My head is aching and for no reason i am feeling this choking in my throat
I know its a feeling and i will be fine but
I want to feel good
Its like my body js shaking
There is so much going that i dont even know how to explain
Usually i call my friends and loved ones when i feel this way but i have noticed due to talking too much over call my ear feels heavy after that and plus i no more have energy to talk
Since i am a working person and there i have to talk all the time
I have to keep going despite how am i feelin
I hope i will be fine one day

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Just @lost_soul99

Bro take a long breath… Clam down if you wanna talk I’m all ears no judgement…I hope you’ll be fine soon too take care ❣️

mahak @meismahak

Thank you so much means a lot💕


Okay so as no one responded to this message so I’m here acknowledging whatever you wrote is valid :)
Call me if you need anything :)

mahak @meismahak

Thank you

mahak @meismahak

We can connect if you are fine with that

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anuj @anujvohra

Hey dont worry. you will.come out of it. Is this anxiety related to work or.something else?

unlucky @cozy_eye_3

Don’t worry dear God is there for you
And don’t feel hesitate for anything just trust the process and move ahead I’m sure you will get the expected things very soon
And if you wanna talk we can


Mitr gehra sas le aur chore dhyan bhatkane ke liye YouTube mai kuch funny video dekh le ya reels dekhe ya kuch documentary type aur koi bhi baat share krna chahte hai to bejijhak hokar kre

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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

Well i would like to start with just a word “Relax, Take a deep breath” … see there are many things going on your life but have you ever thought why it is happening? Find the cause of it. If you don’t find it you will just wander here and there … so find it and get rid of it from the roots … also it’s easier to be said than done , it will make you feel that you can’t do it but believe in yourself you can do it okay …
It’s hard but not impossible… everything in life comes also goes back … so wait for it to go or get rid of it …
I hope I am explainable to you… 👍😊
Best wishes for your life journey…
Also you can throw out all your emotional feel here whenever you want …


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