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I don’t know but lately I have been feeling a lot insecure and jealous which is actually not good because it effects me so much that it destroys my mood like anything!! I have been feeling insecure about my bestfriend i feel like I’m gonna lose him ; seeing his chats with girls or anything makes me feel so insecure and Jealous (I’m annoyed by this feeling honestly because then i feel like i dont wanna talk to him or anything)i really wanna stop feeling so

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I have been there ever since my bf bodyshamed me in front of his friends


That’s really worst thing to do


See your bestfriend is gonna be your bestfriend you don’t have to feel jealous or insecurities,might be you have some kinda feeling for him.

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Hope @cureplace

Don’t get annoyed.

But remember, his girlfriend has high chance to getting his most of the attention and which is fine, you also have your own life to live, which is beyond him.


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