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“I don’t judge anyone,” a statement that is easier said than done. Commenting about someone’s picture behind their back is a form of jugdement, one that many don’t realise. “Don’t let others/society affect your decisions and behaviour”, an advice we often hear or give to our close ones, well, we are that society. I am trying to change my behaviour and many such unconscious actions . I want to practice the latter part of ‘live and let live’ and truly try to be a non-judgemental individual. I think it would be awesome if we can be a human form of this website ( if that makes sense)

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

I love this. Thank you for touching upon something that may seem so trivial but is so important, and thank you for encapsulating the essence of this website so beautifully.


Yes, you’re so right and it was so thoughtful. Even I’ve wondered the same thing for long. We all are nothing but hypocrites who do the same thing but condemn others when they do it. We all need to get past that.

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