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I don’t have my shit together. I feel like I playing a loosing game. I keep procrastinating and I only have about two and a half weeks till exams. I feel like shit. I have no motivation. I want to cry. I know exams may not mean a lot to many people, but my family and myself are putting pressure on my to get high scores and I feel like my future relies on it. Wishing I didn’t exist may be dramatic, but at this point it would be more peaceful and easier.

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Thinking you doesn’t exist doesn’t make u great and if is it is peaceful and easier it doesn’t mean it’s right …u are being a coward by thinking this. And about your exams u have studied whole year just be confident … trust yourself…Do whatever it takes so that you don’t regret later


The students who score the best in exams don’t necessarily become rich in life as adults. Education is important. Treat it like you are gaining knowledge for building your character, better and stronger personality.

You have done great in past.
Just keep the heavy crown of pressure aside and you will see yourself indulging in books not to get best score but to gain knowledge.

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Siddharth @autosid

If you’re wishing for some motivating lines, then really sorry for the disappointment. However, this I’ve learnt in life, “Feeling guty that you’re not managing your time well, does not make you manage your time well”.

So, cheer up man, and give your best as you can, for now, that is the need of an hour… However, if you’re pressurized by your family for getting high scores, talk to them, and make them understand your situation, no one better than them could help you stay calm for now.

You would have learnt from life that we as teenagers thinks that 10th board exams are the most important part of life, until we pass, and go for the 12th boards, in which we have the similar contradiction…and the cycle goes on and on…thus, you just have to figure, that this too shall pass, you just have to bring in the right efforts, if not today, then tomorrow morning…make your subconscious stay positive and focused for whatever you want to achieve. That is how, you’ll help your conscious…

Hope, this helps you! :)


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