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I don’t have much friends left in my life. And due to past incidents, I’m scared to call someone a friend anymore, or even to share even a bit of myself. I’ve lost the very ability to open up and talk about my feelings…they just keep bottling up…and everytime I wonder how it’s so easy for some to forget the one they have considered a friend, to forget the very existence of them. I feel like I’m an optional part of most of the people I know. It dosen’t matter to them, whether I stay or not, but it creates a big effect on me…because I considered them my friend.

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Dobby @tranquility

How can you be so dependent on someone?
For your happiness?
Why is it that the act of someone else hurt you so much?
Don’t you love yourself?
Are you not content with what you are?
First be a your own priority, only then expect someone else to make you their priority.
If you are an option for someone else, be it.
Don’t expect.
Give your mental peace the priority, no matter what.


I understand, and I do give myself priority, which is why I have made myself aloof from them, as that was causing me harm. But are things so logical always?? When you want to speak your heart out and you have none?? It’s lonely sometimes and at those times, no logic works

Dobby @tranquility

Yes logic doesn’t work, when you are lonely and feeling that way.
It happens to me when I am not sleepy, lying on my bed and thinking.
I become vulnerable, but I have trained my mind.
It’s all in the mind I feel


Exactly so, the nights are long and keeps me thinking. I hope I could train my mind soon too.

Dobby @tranquility

You will be fine.
Just believe ❤️
Also, close your eyes and try to sleep.
Love yourself.


I can understand what you are going through trust me I’ve been in the same situation and maybe I still am suffering a little but I’ve started to try to be happy in my own little world. Keep in mind that some people only come in your life when they need you and will leave you whenever you want them to be around but tell me one thing isn’t it good that fake people are leaving your life. And you can’t call a person your friend if they don’t be there for you when you need them to be… Yes sometimes it can be difficult to be available for someone but if a person is your true friend they will try their best to be there for you.
My childhood friend recently betrayed me by sharing all my secrets to someone she shouldn’t have and trust me a lot of my friends have taken advantage of me and I know how it feels…
Try to be happy with yourself.
Try and go out for a movie or your favorite restaurant alone once believe me you will never need anyone once you become sufficient for yourself.
And it’s ok to feel the way you are feeling but trust me you matter a lot…its just you are unable to value yourself first. You give more importance to you friends than to yourself. Start loving yourself and I assure you that you will never need anyone else.
Take care :-) and if you need to talk about whatever you keep bottling up you can share here anonymously it will make you feel better. There are people who are willing to listen :-)


Your words made me feel so much better. In a very longs time I’ve heard something so endearing and it really really made me feel better. Take care and thank you for all the positivity.


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