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I don’t have any friends
Nor i have a family
Whom , i thought to be my family ( my and sister ) showed their truth that they are not for me . My sister is hurting me
I can’t be so much strong that after tolerating my so called father’s violence , i would be able to tackle the pain which my sister is giving to me .
Iam in pain and iam just 14 . The persons whom i loved are just giving me pain .
Now , i just don’t have feelings to live anymore . Iam in pain

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Are they your biological family? Are they physically abusing you? How about your mother? Do you have any idea why they are doing that to you? I want to help you but I’m still confuse of your situation. For the meantime, just cry it all out. Don’t ever bottled up your emotions since it’ll never gonna help. And always remember that you’re not alone since God loves you and He will always be there for you. Sometimes, we’re in this kind of situations and have these problems to make us stronger and more mature. Everything happens for a reason so just have faith in God. Also, I believe there are people who actually cares for you and loves you. So please don’t ever lose hope. Besides, you can talk to me. I’ll pray for you.


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