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I don’t give a shit what others think but it still hurts when my family passes on fatshaming comments.

I never expected that from them but I still listen to them passing on mean comments. I like to eat but I eat multiple times in small portions. They stare at me as if I’m gonna explode. Fun part is I’m 4kgs more than expected weight. If someone says that they have been loosing weight recently my family’s first statement is “ahh I think your weight is attracted to our girl. It’s added there”.

I’m feel comfortable in my own skin but I can’t satisfy someone else on my weight or food habits.

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I understand completely. They don’t actually realize that their comments hurt. Even I’m pretty comfortable with my weight or height or even color for that matter but the comments keep coming non stop. I do feel bad at times but I realized I like the way I am and no one can tell me otherwise…


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