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i dont get it is it just me or are there many who feel the same .there are some things which i cannot tell anyone …and i just remains in my heart within me …i just keep thinking about it every single time! i just try to get it out of my head but then it just comes back in some or the other way …i just want to say that i feel bad .One last thing there are some people i’ll never forget how bad they are …bye… thats it i just wanna say that … i’ll be back with a more disheartening experience …POSITIVE VIBES ONLY

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I wanna tell you that whatever you’re feeling is very normal. It’s okay to confide in yourself. Rather, it’s veryyy nice that you keep some stuff to yourself. I know it might sound stupid right now, but few years down the lane, you’ll have faced less betrayals and people wouldn’t know about your weaknesses. And that is incredible isn’t it?


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