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Sai @dhmuimsobbing

I don’t feel like my friends appreciate me. One time there was this really hard assignment and I took my the time out of my day to answer it so I could send the answers but when I did they just left it on seen and after a few minutes I said “a thank you would be nice” and they all said thank you and stuff. But when someone else from the group chat sends answers they’re all saying like “everyone say thank you to ******” like to everyone but not for me? Whenever I talk in the group chat I either get ignored or the topic changes. They only talk to me there when they need something. Even when I’m joking I feel like no one is laughing with me. They either reply with one sentence answers or nothing at all. It’s so awkward being around them even in call. Whenever they talk I don’t feel like I fit in so I just keep quiet. There was this one time that I just made friends with these 3 girls (who are now my closest friends) and they went to the bathroom to discuss something and I asked them if I could go in with them because if they had a secret I could keep it too. We already interacted a lot of times before that and they said I was nice but they pushed me back and told me to wait. I sat on the floor for minutes but then I realized how stupid I looked waiting for them so I left. I appreciate my friends I really do. They’ve been there for me when I needed help but sometimes I just can’t shake the fact that since day one I’ve been the one putting the effort and until now it hasn’t changed. I’m tired of it honestly but idk what to do.

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Swotter @kskarthik

Boss there are two issues you have put up. First not fitting in usual crowd is a comman problem for many. Second girls helping you could be genuine or they could be taking you for ride. For girls issues you need to figure out which is the case and if they are genuine just say what’s bothering they shall understand. If not genuine it better to leave as you will hurt even more. Regarding first, there is no easy solution, but you try finding another outlier and make friends with him/her. But trying to fit in where you are not valued is inviting hurt. Hope God blesses you with good friend. Love❤️


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