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Stella @stella86

I don’t feel good. I feel like everything is crumbling down. I have no control over my emotions. I’m trying to find peace but it’s just so hard and difficult. I don’t know what to do anymore…

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majid @maj

If u find peace i will help u if u give me time

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majid @maj

First i want know where r u from

Gurvinder @gurvinder


Kasi C @saravana_07

Just meditate and control over thoughts🙂

jain @rohit0

I help you

Abhishek @aatre

to get peace you have to explain what things are bothering you.
Everything is natural until you convert them into overthinking

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Suresh @devpal47

Wait and sit with a calm mind and observe all the activities of your mind. And feel free to text me.

Mudassir @mak786

Have patience and believe in god.
Keep visiting your religious place.
Hope you will get some peace over there.
Have a good day.

vijay 1234 @vijayyyyyyy


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Dhanush S @dhanush4477

Hey! I am not very expert in this area but i have experienced many emotional melodrama during my relationships. Best and the most effective way to understand what is happening with u and controlling ur emotions is to consult a good psychologist. Trust me! I am an example. But it takes little courage. But end result will be very great. We underestimate them a lot. So try some really good psychologist or maybe try talking to ur mom or dad.


Take some time alone and cry your heart out. Let all the insecurity and hate and tears leave your body . Start fresh ,dear ! Get a hobby ,do something you like and prioritize yourself. Stop overthinking about anything . You are an amazing person! What you’re feeling ,others(including me) feel too :) That’s why we r here ,to help each other out ! Cheers to the brave lady ! :)

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aadarsh @aadichaudhary

Everytime adjust so many things just to stay with you,

But everytime you fail to see how much it hurts when my efforts go unnoticed and unseen.

Madhusudan @msdnayak

Kya hua

Madhusudan @msdnayak

Kya baat hui m apko acha feel karaunga

zain Khan @abdiip

Can we talk ?

Shubham @shubhu3737

Stop expecting from others and you will be happy 💫

Anand Sharma @raj_

Take some time off from your routine. Meditation, sitting quiet, feeling emotions will work but first get out of your head, and take some time off. Travel to a different place it will lessen the trigger points of strong emotions. You need to relax and remember it all gets better with time.




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